Get Involved

Get involved

Campaign for Change

To get action, we need to show those in power that enough of us feel passionately about this issue. Add your name to our online petition. Or, even better, download and print the petition and get others to sign it.

Share these films

You could also show the campaign film, ‘Through a child’s eyes’ at your church or small group and ask people to sign the petition.

Want to do more?

You could hold a School Uniform Sunday at your church, where your children and young people lead your church in prayer and action. Try our free kids and youth resource, perfect for Sunday School or youth groups.

You could write messages of encouragement to students in Pakistan. It can mean a great deal to know that someone, somewhere cares about their situation. You could also invite young people in your church or youth group to do this.

Simply send in your cards or letters to our office (CSW, PO Box 99, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 3YF) and we’ll forward them.

You could also write a letter to your MP, asking them to urge the Foreign Secretary and Secretary of State for International Development to ensure that UK AID is not used to fund biased textbooks that promote prejudice. We’ve made it simple, with these points you can follow

What we’re aiming for

From January to June 2018, we’re focusing on education in Pakistan. We aim to:

Ensure that funding from the UK, US and other donors is not spent on publishing biased textbooks that fuel prejudice, but is instead used to encourage tolerance, peace and unity.

Ensure that Pakistan’s education bodies include the accomplishments of heroes from minority faith communities in textbooks. We want children from these communities to realise that they too are citizens of Pakistan and have a part to play in building their country.

Ensure that donors actively support educational and interfaith initiatives that promote understanding and tolerance between religious groups.