Write to your MP

Write a letter expressing concern about biased and discriminatory education in Pakistan

Please ask your MP to urge the government to ensure that freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) in education is upheld in its work in Pakistan, and that UK Aid is not funding biased textbooks.

Here are some points to include:

  • CSW’s Faith and a Future campaign has drawn my attention to the issue of how bias and discrimination against religious minorities in schools in Pakistan teaches intolerance and fuels religious hatred.
  • Pakistan receives more UK aid than any other country. It’s right that we should give to a country to improve access to education where so many children live in poverty. However, we also need to ensure that instead of entrenching disadvantage and fuelling prejudice, we help to create an education system that fosters understanding and tolerance between religious groups.
  • As my elected representative, please urge the Foreign Secretary and Secretary of State for International Development to do all they can to ensure that textbooks and the education system in Pakistan promotes equality and understanding for all, regardless of religion or belief.
  • In particular, please call upon them to review their work with the education authorities in Pakistan, in regard to reforming the curricula and textbooks, to ensure that UK aid is not going towards inciting hate or discrimination.
  • Urge them to work with the federal and provincial governments in Pakistan to ensure that revision to the curriculum and textbooks remove derogatory material and biased content towards religious minorities and include positive contributions of religious minority heroes.
  • Please also request that the curricula incorporates comparative religious study and human rights training and improves teaching training in relation to religious tolerance
  • Finally, would you ask the UK government to actively invest more in supporting religious literacy and interfaith initiatives that promote mutual understanding between religious groups and contribute towards the development of a more tolerant and inclusive society.