Hold a School Uniform Sunday!

It’s great to teach young people about God’s heart for justice and, by holding a School Uniform Sunday, you can also give them an easy way to speak out – and be part of leading a Sunday service.

The idea is simple: in the West we can have both faith and a future (we can go to church and go to school, and we aren’t punished in school because of our faith). So wear your school uniform to church one Sunday to raise awareness and lead your church in action.

It can take any form you like but you might want to try one of the following:

  • The children and young people share a story of one of the children from the Sunday School resource or here, then lead everyone in prayer
  • Show the campaign film (it’s two minutes long)
  • Children ask the adults to sign the petition
  • Invite a CSW speaker
  • Share that you’re taking part on your church’s Twitter feed or Facebook page (remember not to post photos of children or young people unless you have the child/young person and parent/carer’s express permission).

We know that children are the church of today, as well as tomorrow, but sometimes it’s hard to think of ways in which to involve children and young people in our services. School Uniform Sunday is a great opportunity for them to take a lead!