Help us make a noise the Mexican authorities can’t ignore

Alma Huicholes Mexico

Alma and her family were thrown out of their village (in Bolaños Municipality, Jalisco State), along with around 60 others, because they are Protestant Christians. Their homes and possessions were destroyed.

They were forced to move to a town many miles away, living with several other families in a disused church hall. Alma was too late to enrol at the school in her new neighbourhood. As a result, she may never be able to complete her education.

Speak up for Alma and many more like her

This Children’s Day in Mexico (30 April 2019) we’re going to make a noise that the Mexican authorities can’t ignore.

Please join us in speaking up for children in Mexico to have an equal education, whatever their faith or the faith of their parents. Here’s how:

  • Organise a ‘solidarity party’ – at your home, church, or wherever. Lots of youth groups are leading this, but you can take part whatever your age!
  • Write a letter to your Mexican embassy – either at a party or on your own, using our guide.

Download the guide to write your letter.